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Aren’t you glad you live in Edgewood? We are!

We are Edgewood Garage Doors and we’ve been repairing and servicing garage doors in the area for over two decades. We wouldn’t trade our lot in life for anything. We love Edgewood and we love repairing garage doors – it’s as simple as that. If you’re looking for references, just look out your front window. Chances are, we’ve serviced most of the garage doors on your block.

24 Hour Garage Door RepairEdgewood Garage Doors has always been on the cusp of the latest technology. We were the first garage door service in the area to offer million-code programming, and the first to offer new laminate doors that look like a million but are inexpensive to buy and maintain. The best thing about Edgewood Garage Doors isn’t our quick service or our commitment to customer satisfaction; and it isn’t our 24 hour service or our huge inventory of garage door parts and openers. The best thing about Edgewood Garage Doors is our staff!

Our Commitment To Customer Satisfaction Is Second To None

Not all garage door repairmen were created equal. The technicians who work for Edgewood Garage Doors are the most dedicated repairmen in Pierce County. Our guys do one thing, and one thing only: they work on garage doors.

Many of the newer garage door services in the area hire general mechanics for basic garage door repair. These are guys who own toolboxes and ladders, but they don’t know their way around a garage.

We specialize in ALL garage door related problems, from spring replacement and cable repair to opener installation and remote control programming. Make Edgewood Garage Doors your go-to guys for all your garage door service and maintenance, and we’ll give you TWO less things to worry about – your garage door and your opener. If kept in good condition, both your garage door and opener can be expected to last about 15 to 20 years.

Call Us First So Your Garage Door Will Last And Last

Edgewood Garage DoorsVery few people ever think about their garage door systems until a spring pops or a cable snaps. And that’s the way it should be. Your garage door and opener system will give you DECADES of obedient service that you never have to think about. Of course, you need to keep one eye and one ear on your garage door to monitor any changes in your system. If you have two tension springs, be sure both sides of the garage ceiling look exactly the same. Scheduled maintenance should be done once or twice a year (by Edgewood Garage Doors, of course). After all, if you schedule regular maintenance visits for your heating and air conditioning system, why not do the same for your garage door?

Edgewood Garage Doors can save you money in two ways: by saving you money on any garage door repairs, and saving you garage door repairs by performing simple maintenance tasks when you need them.

But you need to call Edgewood Garage Doors at the very FIRST sign of trouble. Failure to act as soon as your garage door spring pops or your openers starts slipping will only make things worse. Take it from us – garage door openers never repair themselves, and a small problem today will become a big headache tomorrow.

To keep your garage door running smoothly for many years to come, be sure to call Edgewood Garage Doors as soon as possible.

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Edgewood Garage Doors gurantees that you will be 110% satisfied with your garage door repairs, or we'll do whatever we can to make your service better!

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