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Edgewood Garage Door Openers has always been on the cutting edge of garage door technology. When federal laws were enacted in the early 1990s to make sure that all garage door openers included features that prevent the doors from crushing objects in their paths, we were way ahead of the Feds. We have always used safety-sensor garage door openers, even before it was the law.

Edgewood Garage Door OpenerTo tell the truth, the technology behind modern garage door openers is amazing, and the technicians who work for Edgewood Garage Door Openers are still in awe. Take a moment to think about how awesome your garage door opener is. For a few hundred bucks, you get a futuristic bundle of artificial intelligence that lifts and lowers your heavy garage door for decades. Your garage door opener will never go on strike, will never ask for a raise, and will never leave you for another homeowner.

Edgewood Garage Door Openers would like you to know how fantastic your garage door opener is. An electronic beam controls the safety features. When a person or an object breaks the beam, it triggers the safety mechanism, causing the doors to reverse direction.

A computer-based system monitors the operating speed of the door and can compensate for changing conditions, such as a door closing too quickly or making contact with your son’s skateboard.

We Specialize In Garage Door Openers And Remotes

All garage door openers produced today use rolling codes for the highest level of security. Each time the door is opened, a new random code is generated to prevent code theft. It also ensures that a neighbor's remote control won't open your garage. All new openers also include a manual release that will allow you to open the door if the power is out. Some deluxe models include a function that opens the door only high enough to let the cat or dog out. Talk about “smart” technology!

Most openers include a security light that comes on as you activate the system and stays on long enough for you to get out of the car and go into the house. Edgewood Garage Door Openers offers all these features, and more!

Some modern garage door openers use a one-button remote, while other models include a remote with two or more buttons that can control multiple openers, like a gate and a garage door. Multiple buttons are also useful if you have more than one garage bay, each with a separate door.

Edgewood Garage Door Openers even offers a keychain version of many remotes, for back-up convenience.

Let Us Build A Custom Garage Door System For You

Edgewood Same Day Garage Door Opener RepairGarage Door Opener keypads can be wall mounted — interior or exterior — near the door to allow it to be opened without a remote. This is an accessory if it doesn't come as part of the standard opener kit.

Some keypads allow you to lock the door electronically for a specific amount of time, such as when you're going to be away on vacation. Another popular function is delayed closing, which is a pause between the time the button is pushed and the door is closed. You won’t have to have to run for your life while dodging the door and beams!

Whatever your heart (or your family) desires, Edgewood Garage Door Openers can make your dreams come true by building your custom garage door system, including smart phone apps, remote communication, and high security. Remember to call Edgewood Garage Door Openers first for any problems with your garage door, opener or hardware.

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