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What do you think is the most difficult garage door repair? A garage door off the tracks?

A garage door/ SUV collision ? How about a garage door that goes up and down on it’s own in the middle of the night? The answer is: None Of The Above.

Edgewood Same Day Garage Door RepairAll the above garage door problems are just routine quick-fix repairs for the pros at Edgewood Garage Door Repair. Over the many years we’ve been in business, Edgewood Garage Door Repair has seen it all, and repaired it all. We don’t know if you remember the paralyzing storms of winter 2004, but we had so many requests for garage door service that we decided to stay open 24 hours a day, and we haven’t closed our doors since. Our good friends and neighbors in Edgewood, WA were so in need of around-the-clock garage door repair after those fierce storms, Edgewood Garage Door Repair took it as our duty to NOT rest until everyone in town had a working garage door. Community spirit is always high in a crisis, but the residents of Edgewood really come through after one of those white-out blizzards that hits Washington state every once in a while.

During that season, we had hundreds of garage doors blown out by the fierce winds, and we started offering huge discounts to any homeowners who wanted to replace their storm-damaged garage doors with heavier gauge, insulated garage doors.

Edgewood Garage Door Repair Is Here For You

Those blustery days of 2004 endeared us to our neighbors, and vice versa, because since then we haven’t been able to keep up with the demand. Broken cables, twisted tracks, worn-out rollers, loco remotes, openers that don’t open, and doors that don’t close…these are but a few of the thousands of unusual garage door repair jobs you guys have thrown our way – and boy, are we grateful!

Edgewood Garage Door RepairThanks to the good folks of Edgewood requesting our services so often, and for so many different kinds of garage door repair challenges, Edgewood Garage Door Repair has learned to erpair any kind of garage door, any kind of opener, and any kind of problem. As we mentioned, any garage door repair is routine for us. Don’t take our word for it, either. Ask around and you’ll see we really are the main garage door repair service for Edgewood and the surrounding communities. No job is too big, or too small, or too far for Edgewood Garage Door Repair. If we can’t fix your garage door in a jiffy, no one can.

We Can Repair Anything But A Broken Heart

Is there anything our technicians cannot do? Well, back to our original question: what is the most difficult garage door repair ever done by Edgewood Garage Door Repair...

It was a garage door fiasco we had to handle in Edgewood about 10 years ago…we remember it as if it were yesterday...

Mr. Harold Melton, a longtime North Hill resident, called us in a panic late one Thursday night to report that he’d heard a tremendous “BOOM” sound coming from his garage. When he rushed to see what had happened, he was shocked to find that his son’s bass guitar amplifier had been launched into the next county by a broken spring’s slingshot effect. Actually, that in itself was easy to correct. Our technician replaced both garage door springs, recalibrated the cable tension, and reinforced the wall brackets.

The hard part was next day, when Mr. Melton called us back to see if we could rig the garage door system to do the same thing with his other sons’ amplifier and drum set.

Call Edgewood Garage Door Repair at the first sign of trouble, and we’ll do the dirty work for you.

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