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Edgewood Garage Door Springs has some good news for you. We are now open 24 hours a day to better serve you and your garage door. We understand that you may be a little angry with your garage door right now, with the broken spring and all, but you are wrong! The pros at Edgewood Garage Door Springs want to remind you that a broken garage door spring is a thing of joy.

Edgewood Same Day Garage Door Spring RepairFirst of all, it allows you to mingle with a great bunch of people, the friendly staff of Edgewood Garage Door Springs. Secondly, it saves your garage door system from imploding. It’s true. When the tension builds up in your garage door cables and pulleys, something’s gotta give. After all, we’re talking about thousands of pounds of tension per square inch, enough to slingshot your garage door into the next county.

Thankfully, garage door springs are engineered to absorb all the energy, and to burst when the pressure becomes too great. Think of you garage door spring as a safety valve or safety fuse that sacrifices itself to save the whole system.

We Have The Right Spring At The Right Price

There... don’t you feel better already?

Edgewood Garage Door Springs would like to remind you that it is the springs, not the garage door opener, that lift and lower your door so dependably and smoothly. The garage door opener is the “brains” of the operation that tells the door how far up to go, and when to stop. But the springs actually do the heavy lifting.

How to choose the right spring? That’s easy, you just have to choose the right garage door springs repair service, like Edgewood Garage Door Springs, and we’ll take care of everything. And we mean everything. When you call Edgewood Garage Door Springs, we document everything thoroughly, from your first phone call to the time our technician drives away from your home. Our proprietary software keeps tabs on all your garage door repairs, service and maintenance, so you don’t have to. Other garage door companies in the area all us the same sorry system when they can only look up your job by accessing your credit card information.

Edgewood Garage Door Springs Will Spring Into Action Immediately

When your garage door pops a spring, call Edgewood Garage Door Springs right away for maximum service and minimum disruption to your life. Some garage door repair services only do new installations, others specialize in garage door openers and remotes. We specialize in garage door springs – short ones, tall ones, tension, extension and torsion. If we don’t have your garage door spring in stock, no one does! For really obscure springs that are no longer manufactured, Edgewood Garage Door Springs can install converters that allow any garage door system to accept standard springs.

Whichever spring you need, trust the garage door spring experts to install the right spring at the right price, right away! Trust Edgewood Garage Door Springs to get the job done promptly and professionally. We care as much about customer service as we do about garage door service. We know it will be years and years before you need garage door service again, so Edgewood Garage Door Springs would like to do such an amazing job of replacing your springs, that you still remember our name for next time: Edgewood Garage Door Springs.

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Edgewood Garage Door Springs gurantees that you will be 110% satisfied with your garage door spring repairs, or we'll do whatever we can to make your service better!

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